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bringing food sport to t-town

Food sport has become the new American pastime! But in reality food sport is nothing new. It’s been around since the first time someone’s granny told someone else’s granny she made a superior cake, pie, or casserole. The carefully crafted jams and jellies we slather on our quintessential buttermilk biscuits began as someone’s tried and true recipe which they entered into a local county fair or church bake-off. 

As the sport has grown, various sanctioning bodies have emerged across a huge range of cooking styles, methodologies, and categories of food. KCBS, FBA, MBN, IBCA, SCA, PNWBA, WFC are just a few sanctioning bodies that offer both seasoned chefs and everyday cooks a chance to take home a win. With cash prizes up for grabs, many have turned to food sport as a way to monetize a hobby. Each sanctioned competition offers up another opportunity for any competitor to land themselves a spot on a national (and even international) stage!

It holds true that food brings people together. The smells, the tastes, the flames, and the fire get going then all of a sudden community is created and all that stands to divide us quickly fades away. That's powerful! With the goal of creating more opportunities for family-friendly events that unite our community through food sport Tuscaloosa Tourism & Sports Commission has partnered with local Chef Alison Hudnall and experienced food sport promoters, Alabama Coasting and Bama-Q productions, to bring a Steak Cookoff Association sanctioned event to Downtown Tuscaloosa.

Bama-Q Grilling series presents "Grilling in T-Town" as an official Steak Cookoff Association competition! This SCA-sanctioned event and World Food Championship qualifier is a great opportunity to invite top-tier traveling competitors and promote tourism to the City of Tuscaloosa. It is also an excellent opportunity for local "grillmasters" to compete in a friendly, welcoming environment in an unintimidating way! The SCA Cookoff rules are simple and straightforward. To ensure a level playing field, all steaks for the competition are provided by our local sponsor Northriver Cattle Co. and are included in the competitor registration fee. All judging is completely blind so there is no playing favorites -  it all simply comes down to the best steak. Local businesses, organizations, and amateur backyard cooks of all ages are invited and encouraged to register to compete. The top-performing locals will be recognized and eligible to win special prize packs. The competition will also feature a World Food Championships qualifying event with the best dessert taking home a golden ticket to the World Food Championships Finals in Dallas!

We hope you will join us either as a competing grillmaster, a dessert competitor, or simply as an attendee of this event! Admission is free to the public and our host venue will offer food trucks, a local vendor market, cold drinks, live music, and a family-friendly atmosphere. 

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about bama-q

Bama-Q is a tv show dedicated to the world of ‘Food Sport”. In their first four years, the crew covered BBQ competitions all over the Southeastern US. Along the way, their family of Pitmasters, chefs, and personalities served up great BBQ, side dishes, and cooking tips for folks to try at home. Beginning in 2021, Bama-Q along with Alabama Coasting joined the Steak Cookoff Association (SCA) and created the Bama-Q Grilling Challenge Series. Eight cook-offs set across Alabama and the Florida Panhandle will feature SCA competitions and be broadcast across the Bama-Q TV network of independent channels, streaming services, and digital programs. Additionally, “Cooking with Bama-Q” presents cooking demonstrations with grilling experts and celebrity guests in both digital and live video formats. Partnership opportunities include series sponsorships, brand placement, pre-produced commercials, on-site promotion in the event series…